Securitization Audits

A securitization audit is an audit done by a third party researcher who scours through EDGAR (the SEC’s database for all public placements) as well as recorded documents and your note looking to find proof that your loan was securitized. And under some circumstances a well trained auditor can actually pinpoint the actual location of your loan among hundreds of thousands of investments. This is tedious and grueling work, as they have to literally find a needle in a haystack of a few thousand loans.

At the end of a securitization audit, a securitization auditor provides a multi page document and an affidavit that is admissible in court as evidence. The document will show whether your loan was securitized and in some circumstance what pool your loan is in, or what Remic it belongs to.

Since this information is publicly available through the SEC, the affidavit is a simple statement of fact (given with firsthand knowledge) that backs up the fact that the loan has, in fact, been securitized. Securitization audits are used to see if the lender has violated any federal or state laws.